Yoga At The Lodge

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This lovely lodge was constructed especially for the purpose of teaching yoga in a calm, tranquil and peaceful setting. She sits comfortably amongst the beauty that nature has to offer. The Yoga Lodge is fully insulated allowing warmth in the winter months and coolness during the summer months. Its many windows create a free-flow of air. Classes are small and friendly. We hope that you will enjoy your visit.

Yoga has been practised by millions of people and is known as the oldest science of life – it can teach you how to cope and deal with the stresses and strains that modern living can place in your path. Hatha Yoga works by releasing tension from body and mind. When this happens our energy increases. Anyone can benefit from its practise.

Posture practice helps to increase energy, it massages the internal organs, reduces muscular aches and pains and strengthens the entire body. It therefore helps stretch away tension, tones muscles, joints and the spine, aiding good posture in general. This helps prevent backache and encourages deeper breathing.

This will increase energy and boost self-confidence. Breathing exercises help to quieten the mind and calm the emotions. Through the intake of increased oxygen all the cells of the body are nourished. This will help to lower high blood pressure, calm the nervous system thereby reducing anxiety, and stop the mind from worrying.
Relaxation practice will help to ease away harmful stress, thereby allowing a better quality of sleep. Better sleep will provide more energy and positivity during the day. It will help to sharpen the mind, improve our awareness and encourage a happier and more contented internal world.

Visualisation and meditation practice helps create the inner strength required to deal with life’s ups and downs. Again, it will sharpen the mind and encourage a happier and more contented internal world.

The Bhagavad Gita states …”This yoga is not possible for the one who eats too much or who eats too little …” The yoga masters of old knew it was important to be temperate and aware of our food. In yoga, our body is the vehicle of life. Eating wisely is an important part of yoga practise and eating to give balance and harmony, is true yoga.

1 to 1 Yoga can be used to enhance your own personal practice and is also extremely beneficial for anyone wishing to try yoga before entering a group situation. Sessions are individually tailored to suit personal or specific needs. Groups of say, 2 or 3 can also be catered for – friends, family or work colleagues.

Yoga, works internally as well as externally, promoting good general health and improving well being. It can be viewed as a therapy based on a series of time-tested poses, along with correct breathing and aiding relaxation. The latter being a huge plus considering so many of the modern day health symptoms are stress-related e.g. anxiety, insomnia and IBS.

We can carry a lot of life’s tensions in our neck and shoulder area.  The constant use of a mobile phone can also cause what is now known as “text neck”.  Also, backache is the largest cause of work absenteeism.

Over time, yoga encourages a moment by moment mindfulness – we become aware of ourselves on a more intimate level. This helps us to pick up on our imbalances more easily. Yoga gives you the correct tools to assist as the essential mind and body connection is re-established.

Hence, 1 – 1 Yoga can be used to aid more specific health problems.

The joining of hands in the prayer position (Anjali mudra) represents peace and respect. The act of pressing the palms together without space between them symbolises a firm and sincere heart, one palm meeting another symbolises the meeting of one atman or soul with another. It says: “I salute you. I salute the spirit within you, we are of the same Universe”.

Manipura Chakra

Located on the navel or solar plexus level

Seed Mantra Ram

Practise asanas (postures) to strengthen and heal the adrenal glands, pancreas, and the digestive system, allowing fresh blood supply to the abdominal area

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Yoga Gallery

Half Headstand

Full Headstand

Headstand “Variation”

Shoulder Stand

Full Camel Pose

Dancer’s Pose – First Stage

Advancing Dancer’s Pose

Triangle pose

Try many of the yoga poses yourself in class

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“I thoroughly enjoy Pavana’s yoga classes and look forward to them each and every week. She has a beautiful calming and relaxing voice which puts you at ease at once. As a beginner, she never made me feel I was not keeping up which also aided my relaxation. I can honestly say that I am more conscious of my breathing now and have a lot more flexibility. As a person who suffers from anxiety, it has worked wonders for me and I always walk out of Pavana’s classes feeling relaxed, revived and at peace.”