The Yoga Lodge Timetable

For Attending Classes At The Lodge:

  • Bring your own mat, blanket, mask (if you wear one), water and may be some hand sanitiser, should you prefer to use your own. There is also hand sanitiser available at The Lodge
  • If you are concerned about Covid, you may like to consider wearing a mask on entry and exiting The Lodge, unless you are exempt
  • The gate opens 10 minutes before the class starts
  • Please arrive in good time, changed and ready for your practice in order to give yourself a few minutes to settle in to the class
  • Please remove your shoes just inside the door and do not walk across the carpet in them
  • Please ensure your mobile phone is off, or on flight mode with the volume turned down, so that is doesn’t bleep
  • Please inform me if you are pregnant
  • It is recommended you eat a light meal 2 hours before class or a heavier meal 3 hours before class
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move around in, and remove any jewellery that may become uncomfortable
  • Yoga is generally practised barefoot, however you may wish to bring socks for Yoga Nidra/Yoga Relaxation
  • The Lodge is also ventilated, so wearing layers is recommended particularly during the cooler months of the year, such as Winter

And, as much as you can, please leave your worries outside The Lodge

Regular Sessions

Day Time Details
Monday 10:00-11:00am General class (also available live online)
Tuesday 7:45-9:15pm General class (also available live online)
Thursday 7:45-9:15pm Yoga For Well-being – revitalise, uplift and nurture your energy (also available live online)


Buy 4 classes for £46 or pay for a single class at £13.50

Payment by Bank Transfer – contact Pavana for details


As a matter or courtesy, if you are unable to attend or need to cancel your class, please do this from your return email booking confirmation YOURSELF.  If your booking remains, and you do not attend you will be charged a full fee for the class.

“Putting down all barriers, let your mind be full of love. Let it pervade all the quarters of the world so that the whole wide world, above, below and around is pervaded by love.  Let it be sublime so that it abounds everywhere”

Anaharta Chakra

Located on level with the heart

Seed Mantra Yam

Practise asanas (postures) to strengthen and heal the heart, arms, hands, thymus gland (immune system), respiratory and circulatory systems

At whatever stage you may be on your yoga journey, please know that I am always here to help and support you by giving you encouragement towards your overall practice.

Remember by maintaining your practice you will have more energy, become healthy, strong calm and relaxed as Yoga works by releasing tension from body and mind.  When your body feels freer of tension and your mind more trained to be still you live more in the present and enjoy that moment.

Therefore, work from your spirit and not your ego.  Yoga is a non-competitive practice, for you will only be competing with yourself!

“I have attended Pavana’s yoga classes for several weeks now and have found her to be friendly and approachable. Her calm relaxed attitude is most reassuring and I have derived benefit from practising the exercises which she takes us through in her lovely soothing voice. After a session I feel relaxed and refreshed.”