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Are you looking for friendly yoga classes in Ewell, West Ewell, or the nearby areas? Join us at our dedicated studio

Welcome to the Yoga Lodge. We aim to improve well-being and health with our range of group and one-to-one yoga classes. Our lodge exudes unparalleled calm and relaxation and offers a space to help you unwind.

Our classes are run by Belinda, a trained teacher in meditation and Hatha Yoga for over 15 years. She gained her qualifications at the Saraswati Yoga Studio in Sutton in 2006. We are all looking for ways to improve well-being, and Belinda is passionate about sharing the myriad of benefits her practice brings.

Sanskrit is the old yogic language of India, where yoga originated over 4,000 years ago.  The name Pavana is the Sanskrit name Belinda uses to teach yoga.  Translated into English it means “to develop, something that purifies, breeze or air.  It represents the divine air or breeze that takes the form of life in every individual”.    

We practise yoga in a dedicated Yoga Lodge that can whisk you away from the pressures of everyday life. You can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere and discover the transformative power of yoga first-hand.

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Vishuddha Chakra

Located on the throat level

Seed Mantra Ham

Practise asanas (postures) to strengthen and heal throat, vocal cords, thyroid and parathyroid glands

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At our sanctuary in West Ewell, you can enjoy self-care, nurture and healing through our classes. Set amongst the beautiful countryside, you can completely switch off. The Yoga Lodge is fully insulated so that you can enjoy comfortable temperatures all year round. In the summer months, we love to throw open the doors and windows to be at one with nature.

Our classes feature Hatha Yoga, which works by releasing tension from the body and mind to achieve balance. It is a holistic practice involving a combination of asanas, or postures and breathing exercises, called pranayama and meditation. Meditation techniques are used to focus the mind and promote mindfulness, whilst relaxation will create calm.

The postures we teach are designed to enhance flexibility, strength, and balance. A sequence of movements creates a flow of energy and encourages relaxation. This is completed using various breathing techniques to regulate and control the breath.

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The benefits of regular yoga and yoga courses in Ewell, KT17

Yoga can be practised by anyone and represents an age-old method of harmonising various aspects on all levels of our being, including our physical and mental selves. Meditation is the heart of yoga practice.  The breath is the link or bridge between the mental and physical disciplines of yoga practice, where mindful awareness merges body, mind and spirit to aid grounding us in the present moment.    

There are so many benefits to practising yoga; it fosters the cultivation of strength, flexibility, and endurance whilst also embracing mental clarity and reducing stress levels. Yoga emphasises proper alignment of the body, which can help to improve postural problems, such as back issues.

Regular yoga practice can improve energy levels, leading to overall improved well-being in all areas of your life, including work and family life. On a broader scale, it fosters a heightened consciousness of all parts of our lives, enhancing empathy for ourselves and our surroundings.

Please see our blog: The constructiveness of yoga.

Private yoga classes in Ewell

We offer private yoga classes. Whether you are looking to enjoy more personalised practice or have a go before joining a group class, our sessions are great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

You will receive Belinda’s undivided attention so you can go deeper into your practice than you might in a group session. These classes can also be very beneficial if you are focusing on specific health conditions or physical issues.

We can also run private classes for small groups such as friends, colleagues, and family who wish to practise yoga together. All classes will be tailored to your personal requirements.

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We provide yoga classes for anyone living in Ewell and the following nearby local areas

  • Chessington
  • Hook
  • Kingswood Warren
  • New Malden
  • Old Malden
  • Raynes Park

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Yoga is for anyone of any age or background. We are located in the heart of West Ewell, just a short walk from West Ewell train station. The entrance to the Yoga Lodge is at the side gate, which will be opened 10 minutes before lessons start.

To speak with us or to find out more about our yoga schedule, please call 07973 410 375 or email

“Putting down all barriers, let your mind be full of love. Let it pervade all the quarters of the world so that the whole wide world, above, below and around is pervaded by love.  Let it be sublime so that it abounds everywhere.”

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”